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    Quote Originally Posted by DreamOWD View Post
    Of course nobody's going to open that many cards. Most people do, however, multitask heavily. I had 5 cards open one day and said, "Hey, this is nice" So I opened another. and another, and another....and another until I wanted to find out just how many I could really open.

    And so far, the Touchpad is a beast, it can handle whatever you throw at it- no problem!
    Well unless you want to have one card open to use native word processing or have a readable PDF. What use is hundreds of cards then?

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    One hundred cards come in good use when you're testing the most powerful tablet PC in the world.

    Honestly, if I had my way- I would crunch more productivity into all the tablet devices. I'm so eager about WebOS. It's not fair that WebOS is the best option, but given up on.
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    Let me remind everyone of the title..... 1,000 cards at once.

    Pump up the TouchPad all you want, and keep the other OS's out of it, or this WILL get shut down.

    There's already a ton of those threads. Feel free to use the Search's as free as smiles are at McDonalds!
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    ^ lol, Maximum Power!!! Native Apps actually work better for this kinda thing...

    You can actively have every native app on your Touchpad up and running. All 30 of em!


    I actually was having so much fun, I had to use two hands!! Full Utilization!!!
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    I've found that it seems to stutter while apps are actively loading. Once the page is downloaded or the app is loaded, it's fairly smooth. There seems to be occasional instances where the stuttering doesn't resolve itself unless I close a card or two.

    Of course, I hate leaving cards open in general anyway.

    My typical use scenario is "minimize app or game," check email (or look something up or whatever), swipe email closed, return to original app or game.
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    Maybe just think of these cards as 'windows' on the PC.. except you can still see them on the 'desktop' instead of fighting for space reduced onto the 'taskbar'?

    As someone posted in a seperate thread, I think.. 'Is it REALLY 'Multi-tasking'?'
    .. or are you just using up RAM 'parking' a static stack of 'images' on your screen?

    As for a 1000 of them.. 'Hhmmm'..

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    Definitely not static images, you can see the pages load in your carousel.

    Technically since they're cards, 52 of them would suffice. But our good ole Touchpad goes above and beyond.

    It bracing when you're opening up all these pages, and you want to see how many you can actually get open before something happens..darn! 52!!
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    They don't all load in the background. Web pages for example. You have to stay focused on them for a bit so that they'll continue to load.
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    Updated video, literally every app open.
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