I've installed Ubuntu Chroot and re-doctored my Touchpad numerous times and now, thanks to some of the fine members here, I have Pulseaudio working in Ubuntu.

However most of the pro audio software (Rosegarden, Ardour, Hydrogen) require Jack.

The regular JACK/QJACKCTL version of JACK doesn't work for me. It errors out and cannot start ALSA either.

I know that JackDBUS can be installed for a system like the Touchpad CHRoot, but I can't find it in Ubuntu Software Manager, Synaptics, or Apt-Get.

IS THERE a way I can install a working version of Jack that will coexist witih Pulseaudio? I have regular audio in Ubuntu but none of these programs will work without Jack, so I am limited to MP3s, etc.

If this can get working, the Touchpad can be used for some real music production / MIDI sequencing. Please help out if you have any idea how to fix this.

All the best,