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    I read about the episode that reportedly happened, posted in another forum thread, and on Twitter, regarding Apple and Facebook trying to get HP to remove the Facebook app from the Touchpad, and it really ticked me off. Two companies conspiring to restrict or deny access to a product or service by a competitor is anti-competitive behavior, in my opinion, and is illegal.

    The article here - How Apple and Facebook Nearly Fell Out -- Over the HP TouchPad [EXCLUSIVE] has the details.

    I wrote an e-mail to the Department of Justice, Antitrust Division, asking them to investigate this, and you should too.

    The address is
    You can see their web page at USDOJ: Antitrust Division Reporting Antitrust Concerns

    Below is the text of my e-mail - feel free to copy/paste or customize it and send your own.

    The events in this article -*How Apple and Facebook Nearly Fell Out -- Over the HP TouchPad [EXCLUSIVE]

    ...seem to portray anti-competitive behavior by Apple, Inc., and possibly Facebook, against Hewlett-Packard.

    If the events in the above article are true, Apple, Inc., seems to have acted to restrict competition in the tablet computer market. *It did so by asking Facebook to remove or restrict access to the Facebook service on the yet-to-be released HP Touchpad tablet computer. *It seems that Apple did this in order to gain an advantage for it's own Facebook application, yet to be released, on its own iPad tablet computer. *The article seems to imply that Apple wanted it's own Facebook tablet application to have access to more features and services from Facebook, than what the Touchpad Facebook application would have. **

    The article states that Facebook, at Apple's insistence, asked Hewlett Packard to remove the Facebook application from its upcoming (at the time) Touchpad tablet. *When Hewlett Packard refused, the article states that Facebook restricted access to the Facebook service by the Touchpad table, and the Touchpad was released with a less-functional application than was originally planned and agreed upon. **

    Though not stated in the article, my own conjecture is that the less-functional Facebook application on the Hewlett Packard Touchpad may have contributed to the poor sales performance of the Touchpad tablet, and its eventual cancellation. Buyers of the Touchpad tablet were expecting a Facebook application with more features and functionality.

    My role in this situation is only as an admirer of the Touchpad tablet, and a citizen concerned with the possible illegal and anti-competitive actions of a large corporation. * I have no further knowledge of this episode beyond what is stated in the referenced article.
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    Yup, that's why the TouchPad bombed. Missing Facebook features in the native app.

    Wait, does anyone even know what these purportedly removed features are?
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    Quote Originally Posted by nappy View Post
    Wait, does anyone even know what these purportedly removed features are?
    I guess we will find out when the facebook app for ipad comes out. The facebook site is way more powerful then the app so I guess the missing features would be, chat, push notifications, group management, etc.

    I think the facebook is ok, but if I have to go the website to do other things then there is a problem.
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    Email sent
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    While Jobs is not in a grave, his motto of live gonna be "if you can't win, sabotage it"!!

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