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    When I hold the Touchpad in landscape position, with the home/center button on the right and the camera lens on the left, there's the volume control on the upper left edge, but what's the little oblong buttony-looking thing on the upper right edge? Can't tell if it's just a cover for an unused opening in the case or, or something secret an exciting...
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    that would be the sim card slot for ATT Touchpad versions
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    my guess wifi
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    port for sim card on future models
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    I'm surprised none of you opened the slot. Push it in and it will pop out.

    It's also where HP put the SN, FCC ID, and so on.
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    Carefull opening it though.. a 'thing-virus' might get in!

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    So..what...if anything, can we do with it?

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    Check the teardown blogs. That's a sim reader, minus the antenna and other connections. Any hardware modders wanna take a look?

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    Mine doesn't pop out. It literally pushed in and stayed in! Do all TPs have this extra cover?

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