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    Google began porting Chromium and therefore Chrome to ARM for Android a little while back. News today says it will be ready for Android in October.

    To me that's a big deal. A real desktop browser on a tablet is a major deal. That really decreases the dependency on apps--who needs a facebook or twitter app when you can use the desktop site like you are used to doing?

    I think that webOS would certainly jump up a notch and be much more viable if it could port Chromium over to webOS and if it doesn't it may be another nail in the coffin, as Android gains more desktop functionality.

    So, the question is. . . will webOS even consider it and is it even possible?
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    Web browser

    The webOS web browser, simply named "Web," uses the WebKit layout engine.

    WebKit is the same engine used in Safari and Chrome.

    Chrome is the fastest desktop browser and Safari is the fastest tablet browser.

    Browsers that have optimized JavaScript engines for internal graphics engines usually are at the top in terms of performance.

    Browser Speed Tests: Firefox 7, Chrome 14, Internet Explorer 9, and More

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