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    UPDATE: Added a crappy but quick/dirty "IN ACTION" shot on youtube that doesnt contain my ugly mush 90% of the time like my first vid,

    seen a fair few posts about people wanting touchpad as a second monitor, unless splashtop ever aquires an update for it were pretty much stuffed, there is a way however but its slow as it pairs with VNC, its ugly idd but works regardless.

    Be warned, its reeeeeal slow compared to normal, fine for desktop stuff tho, have a check/play yourselves.

    Aquire the following from here. ZoneOS ZoneScreen

    basically your after these 2 links.

    the magic program to fake a 2nd virtual display.
    32bit Windows XP, Vista, 7 -

    going to their site manually you will see zip and msi variants, use the msi to ensure everything runs perfectly, saves faffing around doin it manually with the zip, if you have a x64 system aquire the x64 version.

    64bit Windows XP, Vista, 7 -

    aquire 1 of those, install and reboot if it asks you, then when ready run their "ZoneScreen" program that was installed, now goto FILE, and click "Attach Zonescreen Display", bam virtual magic done.

    now click "Act as Server", leave the port number alone, go down to the display dropdown, one of these is your real display, dont change its resolution, but now you should have a new entry, this is your fake/virtual display, ittl be either \\.\DISPLAY1 or \\.\DISPLAY2 etc, change it to "1024x768x32@42", and click "Next".

    Now on to the stuff that can slow you down, you need to play with these to see whats best for you, currently im using Transfer Rate/FPS set to 15, and Full Copy Rate set to 5, now click START, and your display is complete and nearly ready for use, you can "X/close" the window now, feel free to tweak away those figures for better results and post here your findings.


    onto the touchpad side, go here

    Soruk has TigerVNC working for the Touchpad using XServer and is still updating it now and then, this if anything is a good incentive to give him feedback.

    Aquire his TigerVNC port, follow the instructions given by rwhitby in his 3rd codeblock here,

    this lets the newer/beta xecutah launch TigerVNC, MAKE SURE YOU HAVE READ ALL THE THREAD, theres old/new/updated info and warnings/information crucial to not making a giant mess of things.

    now make sure you have a VNC server on your linux/windows box capable of broadcasting your 2nd/faked display, on the ZoneOS page was a prepped version of TightVNCServer ready to go here,

    you can use ANY VNC Server that can do so, such as RealVNC's advanced settings, just change Display to \\.\DISPLAY2 etc, it doesnt have to be the included tightvnc they have but its there if you cant get your usual server playing ball.

    launch TigerVNC on your touchpad, change it to FullScreen mode, i think i had to Render Cursor Locally as well, then throw in your IP and bam, your new 2nd display is right there, nice and...................slow.

    NOTE: If your an Ubuntu Jockey, you can use a VNC Viewer from there such as Remmina or xtightvncviewer, but it would be nice to support Soruk on his more native app.

    I made a vid i can slap on youtube but er, im remaking it as it looks horrid as its nighttime here, roomlights bad, and you can see my fugly mush in it so ill redo it, feel free to post your own if you got this working.
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    its not great, its not fast, its not perfect, but its an option.

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