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    Hi all,

    I recently got the HP touchpad through onsale and I did a big mistake of sending it to my parents. (I realize that the Ipad is much easier to use, looking from their perspective).

    Now it turns out that it is difficult to configure, get connected to the internet (as it disconnects frequently), and both the parties are having a hard time trying to communicate on phone, trying to set it properly. I had initially set it up before sending it out, but perhaps there are still a lot of issues.

    Is there a way they can plug it to their computer and I can use a remote login software to control their computer and hence the HP touchpad to set it up properly?

    I didn't realize that things would get so difficult. I couldn't find any discussion related to this.

    Thanks a lot,
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    I'm bumping this because I also need this too. I will send one of my TPs to my sister in law in a different country. She is not that tech savvy.

    I already can access her PC using logmein before so I just need to access the TP while I'm accessing her PC.

    I saw some people in Youtube when they are demonstrating the TP is somewhat doing it. The TP interface is just like a normal separate window inside Windows 7.

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    I would also like to have the capability to remotely log in to my parent's and my sister's touchpads to help them with any issues.
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    At first I raised an eye brow but I could see some uses for this. My kids will be getting one so I would like to know how also. But of not I can just take it from them.

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