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    I'm having a bit of trouble with the battery life of my device. I have Preware installed with most of the recommended patches. But I dont think I get the battery life that everybody else boasts about. I get, at most, three or four hours of basic web browsing on mid brightness. I just installed Dr. Battery and noticed that the battery only charges up to 5262mAH, even though the health of the battery is apparently 92%. Does anybody have any tips? Should I send my touchpad for repair? Will they fix it? Thank you...
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    how many email accounts to you have set up, and how often do they check for mail.

    web browsing eats battery, but I usually get 6 to 8 hours of heavy use. Streaming video will drain the battery even faster.
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    I have noticed recently that my battery drains faster than when I first got it. I had it charged to 100% and then some browsing for like 20 minutes or so and my battery was down to 95% already. Dr. Battery shows my battery health as 100%. I have brightness at about 50% and no email checking/fb/tweeter accounts. My battery is the 5647maH one.

    At that pace I am draining at 15% per hour which would give me about 6.5-7 hours. Is that pretty normal or should I be getting better results?
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    battery life changes each charge for me. Some charges take FOREVER but then it last forever, after an hour use i am still 95% for example i i use it all for music and media.

    But other times like today it charged fully in less than an hour and i only get 6 hours out of it

    One time the battery drained in an hour!! Other times it lasts forever... i dunno

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