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    hey everyone,

    I have 2 touchpad, when I go to app store and search for same apps 1 tablet comes up with different search results.

    ex. Searched for ACCUWEATHER, 1 has 3 apps and the other has 2? 1 opens the app full screen and the other touchpad doesn't?

    ex2. Searched for free camera app, 1 touchpad has more results then other?

    Even when I open the app store and goto all apps and same tab, 1 shows more apps then others.

    anyone know why this is happening?

    (both have same exact software, webOS etc.) thanks in advance!
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    Are both palm profiles listed as living in the same country?
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    yes they are. Both are listed as US.
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    If you go to your software manager do both show the same version for the app catalog? Mine shows 5.0.1600. When I search for accuweather it shows 3.
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