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    I have a Pre3 and TP (in UK). I can send and receive e-mail using a gmail account, but I can only receive via Outlook. In setting up the Outlook account I was offered a template for entering incoming mail settings, but I NOT a template for outgoing settings. Consequently, when I try to send mail using outlook, I get an error message (the dreaded yellow triangle). Please help me find where I'm supposed to enter the outgoing mail settings. Surely I'm not the only one with this problem...I assume any answer will apply to both devices.
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    you mean you're connection to an exchange server via activesync? there are no incoming or outgoing settings at all, there's just your activesync connection. if it's not working, then something is wrong on your server.
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    Yes, if you're not using an Exchange server, you should not be using the Outlook template.

    I suspect the OP has Outlook installed as a client on his PC, but that it is pulling mail via POP or IMAP.
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    Thanks for this, but I'm not following the technicalities. I have no idea what activesync is. I'm only following the instructions after I press the button "add account" in "preferences and accounts". It offers Outlook as an option (yellow envelope symbol). Clicking on that, it presents a template asking for incoming mail settings. I fill those in and am able to receive mail and use all my folders. The outbox shows e-mails I sent with my desktop. But it never offers the option of inputting outgoing mail settings. So --no surprise--I can't send mail with the TouchPad or Pre-3. Why am I not offered a field for inputting outgoing mail settings? Is that a problem with my server at work?
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    If your work is running an Exchange server, you would not need to input both an incoming and an outgoing mail server, as the Exchange server is both the incoming and the outgoing server. That is why when you set up Exchange (the Outlook-looking icon) on the Touchpad, it does not ask for an outgoing server.

    I suspect your work is probably running an IMAP server instead of an Exchange server. Can you try adding it as an IMAP server?

    If you are able to provide us with the instructions your work provided you for setting up your email account (minus your username and password, of course) we might be able to help you better.
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