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    If I manually click Backup Now, my Touchpad shows blue screen then shuts down...
    (right after the progress bar says "Preparing...") I assume it's doing a device restart
    because it takes a minute or two to come back.

    It started doing this two days ago...... It doesn't do this every single time I do
    manual backup.... maybe 1 in 4? I only did the manual backup because it
    wasn't doing it automatically on a daily basis. (sometimes it would go without
    backuping anything for a week) I install and uninstall new apps frequently,
    so I don't know why it wasn't backing up automatically.

    I'm not sure if this is related or not, but this started happening right after
    Preware updated my Govnah and uberkernel....

    What can possibly this? Thanks!
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    First put the stock kernel back on and see if this fixes the issue.

    As far as your automatic backups, they happen in the middle of the night, not when you install or delete an app. So your TouchPad needs to be on and have WiFi at night. Last I checked all my webOS devices update after midnight and before 3 am local time. (not saying this is set in stone, just what I noticed last time I was helping someone trouble shoot a backup issue)
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    I had a similar issue, but the TouchPad would freeze during the Backup. I resolved it by doing a restart/wipe. Others have said that they've fixed it by running jstop (from Preware) during the backup. Once you get through once, it seems to be ok after that.

    It seems to be an issue with a change in the Profile server that HP did a few weeks back.
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