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    Hi all,

    I'm new to this forums and to webOS (although I watched a lot of video's the past months before finally getting a TP today!). So I first booted, checked out the App Catalog, installed a few apps, then updated to the newest software (3.0.2), but now after installing the new software and rebooting, the App Catalog doesn't work anymore. It comes up with a mobile version of the App Catalog and it doesn't even display anything anymore.

    Also, I'd like to know if I could add a plugin for the IM to use WLM or if there's a similiar working app for WLM.

    But the App Catalog-problem is the worst one for me.

    Anyone who can help me?
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    Did you try restarting your touchpad? and by WLM what do you mean?
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    there isn't a "mobile version" of the app catalog. Can you start with some basic info? What country? Are you able to see other web sites? Are you behind a company firewall that may be blocking something? Is email working?

    just a few details so we can guide your troubleshooting. That is why we are here!
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    Yes, I already restarted it 2 times, but the problem still appears

    And WLM=Windows Live Messenger
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    Okay, restarted a 3rd time and now it works again.

    Now I only need a WLM-client. Anyone knows one? (WLM=Windows Live Messenger) Or a plugin for the default IM to use WLM with it? Or via Preware?
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    Dude, I said it works again now.

    I'm looking for some way to use WLM now in the form of a client or Synergy-plugin.
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    No one who knows of such a client of plugin?
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    A google search came up with this:

    Sorry seems to be not working on touchpad yet.
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    I haven't used win messenger in nearly a decade because it is always having compatibility issues with non official client softwares. Just something to consider. You can gateway to your msn contacts via yahoo if you have a yim setup, I think

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