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    had to send in my first touchpad for repair as it never came back on after sitting on a touchstone the night prior and found it dead the next AM. got the replacement, and the touchpad now continuously flashes the "charging battery" notice *after* I've taken the touchpad off the touchstone charger.

    is this normal? If I charge it using the standard wall adapter, I don't get the charging indicator after I unplug it.
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    This has happened to me every once in a while. I think it may have to do with the TP being right on the edge of the induction range of the touchstone (my TP is in a leather-ish case). A simple Luna reset fixes it.
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    The problem is like the OP's original post, is that it will cycle though while sitting on the touchstone overnight. Go to pick it up in the morning, and it's dead. You can plug it in via USB and get it to charge back up, but too many cycles like this and you're gonna have a bricked battery.

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