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    i have updated my pad to the latest version straight from the box. No I still need to download the webOS doctor? I have tabs for reset and erase etc. But no app named webOS doctor.

    also by installing preware will this void my warranty? The tablet is doing everything I want it to do appart from play video/films
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    no need for doctor unless/until you want a complete reinstall to factory fresh.

    also, prepared will not impact your warranty. Have fun!
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    thanks for the reply.
    I have reset options under device info, is that a simular thing to the webOS doctor?
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    Nah.. WebOS Doctor is a whole other thing which replaces and resets the entire OS via USB etc etc.. just enjoy playing around with new toy!
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    The doctor is run from your PC and is used to restore the device manually. You won't need it unless things get really botched. I have UberKernel installed and about 40 Preware patches and have never needed the doctor.
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    I'm trying to but if it can be broken I will brake it. I don't even know how to use the installed video player? If there is one. I have read through the getting started post and stated that you need to convert video to mp4, how do I do that?

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