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    Quote Originally Posted by pwlorraine View Post
    I like my touchpad but my macbook is far more useful. Not really the same sort of machine. Try running the chrome browser on her macbook - it has a nice sandboxed flash player built in.

    My experience has been that flash *is* the massive resource hog that Jobs claimed it is - it is also necessary for a lot of web sites. I keep flash out of Safari and browse in Chrome which is fairly well behaved. I also keep an eye on the "Activity Manager" window for flash sessions gone mad and kill them. When my macbook battery runs out in 5 hours rather than close to 10, its usually been a flash intensive site chewing up cycles in a hidden tab. The unix underpinnings of mac os X make it easier to keep flash well behaved than on my office Windows XP machine.

    I'd happily trade my touchpad - which I like a lot - for a newer macbook of any stripe.

    This has been the only post in this entire thread that actually states the facts. I also own a 2010 MBP and have click2flash installed, which prevents all those crappy flash adverts from popping up all over the place and allows me to tell the computer when to accept and play flash.

    Whether you hate or love Steve Jobs doesn't matter, but he was correct in his assessment of Flash.

    And for those that have posted in this thread confusing iOS with OSX, please note they are not the same Operating System!
    sent from my 32gb Touchpad
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    Quote Originally Posted by Time View Post
    TouchPad can do all of those Office functions if they update the app, QuickOffice.

    No MSN messager, but neither does any iOS device out of the box - you have to purchase an app.

    There aren't many system diagnostic, control panel or disk imaging apps pre-installed because the majority of users won't require them and if they really need them, they can use the App Catalog.
    uhm you completely missed my entire point that the touchpad has limited functionality.......

    there is NO DENYING that the touchpad and a laptop are in separate leagues. one runs a fully fledged complete operating system, the other doesn't. >.> apples & oranges
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    Come on guys...I have both the TouchPad and the newest MacBook Pro. They are different machines. I take both on the road. I primarily use my MB Pro, but when portability is needed, I take my TouchPad & Pre-.

    For the OP, however, as has been mentioned--I downloaded the flash player the day I got my MB Pro and have had no problems since. Just like I downloaded Uberkernel, Govnah & Preware in the 1st couple days of owning the TouchPad.

    They are both good devices for what they bring to the table, but don't kid yourself, the Macs can do flash and they do it just fine.
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    This thread has become nothing but arguments and insults.

    <<thread cleansed and closed>>
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