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    Just got my touchpad. When I tried to watch the dailyshow the volume was way too low. So I tried youtube and that is also very soft. This is with either the speakers or headset.
    Has anyone else had this problem? any solutions?
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    They have a couple of patches in Preware that increases the volume. My advice is get the "lite" version, the other one is way to much.
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    I tried the lite version of the volume patch when watching crackle and not being able to hear well. Later I discovered that the app volume could be turned up quite a bit from where it was. Then I found that at night I couldn't set the Internet radio volume low enough so removed the patch. Now with the additional app volume I'm OK back at stock. But it's going to vary a bit I guess with individuals and their individual ears. Would be nice to have additional options like more volume range as well as a higher top end and perhaps being able to flatten the dynamic range. Maybe some day.

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