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    you pay ebay % of price... its not worth it bro... keep it.
    plus paypal processing fee, and in some cases , much like mine, offer free shipping only to find out that too cost me almost $20.

    I had an archos101 android tablet that I got with a store credit at PC Richards when my 7.1 amp died (on it's 4yr 11months in a 5 year contract) They said it would cost too much to repair and credited me the entire amount I paid 5 yrs ago (see kids warranties can be good). I scaled down and bought a 5.1 and used the rest for that crappy tablet.

    Sold the tablet on ebay for $205 and after my fees, the take in was more like $165-170.

    Ebay and Paypal rape sellers now with fees.

    I spent a few more dollars and with the $165, bought a 2nd TP for my wife. She loves it and our laptop no longer gets the use it once had.

    HP really f'd up here, because the Touchpad really is a good product.
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    I have only had my TP for a few days but I think I will have to keep it.

    This is mainly because my family, who make fun of me for buying tablets seem to acquire them from me. So I have not touched the Ipad because my wife uses it all the time. My daughter seems to be permanently on the Asus Transformer, the the Touchpad for me.
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