Have owned the TouchPad for about 7 weeks and flat out love it. Disappointed in HP for giving up so quickly. As someone who has used iOS devices for close to 3 years, it only took me about 10 minutes to like webOS better...amazing.

1) After synergy gathered all my contacts, I had to split some that did not belong together and merge a few that were under different names (say one under real name, another one under a nickname). Is there any way I can sync that new contact list back to my palm profile so that I do not have to go through this again if I ever need to restore my TouchPad??

2) Is there anyway to pass that new updated contact list to my Veer without me having to manually split and merge contacts??

3) Will the Veer ever get the capability to send text messages to TouchPad? Right now I can make and receive calls from Tablet but no texts.

4) How about Touch-To-Share?? Will that ever be made available on the Veer (I got the Veer about a week ago on Ebay).

5) Will it be possible to write an app/patch that would allow me to sync my TouchPad with a non webOS phone (say a Motorola Atrix) and at least allow me to make and receive calls in the TouchPad while leaving the phone nicely parked in my backpack??

I ask this last question because as much as I like the Veer, and as much as I feel that it makes most smartphones look unnecessarily large 90% of the time...the 10% of the time that it becomes too small, its annoying. So while I love it with my TouchPad, is not what I'd call a standalone phone.

The lack of apps (banking, and everyday stuff apps) hurts it because the screen is so small its hard/annoying to do these things in the web browser. The lack of apps in the Touchpad (which I think its greatly exaggerated as I find I can do anything I need to do on it) doesn't hurt nearly as much because most things for which there are no apps can be done in the web browser as the screen is big enough to handle anything....and well I don't use computers for gaming.

(To be honest the ability to make/take calls and receive/answer text messages in my touchpad is more intriguing to me than touch-to-share)