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    I came to learned I should not install Muffled System Logging, cause it screws up indexing and gallery preview, and I think my email.

    Are there any other patches I should NOT install?

    I had to doctor my TP, and now being more careful not to install or do anything not essential. So far I've installed Preware, Govnah, 1.5 kernel, Internalz, Advance Reset Options.
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    some you should not install together. two that come to mind are ad blocker and max blocker, but i think before you install them there is a warning about it before installing.
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    The current version of Private Browsing prevents the browser from opening at all. Stay away from that one.
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    Wait.. How does Muffle System Logging do damage?
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    I have muffled system logging and private browsing installed without any adverse effects. Do you guys have some links to discussions with other people experiencing the issues you're experiencing?

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