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    I perceived my touchpad last week and starting using it. I noticed that there was a loose connection between the touchpad and charger from perhaps the second time I recharged it. If I move the unit at all it will stop recharging unless it's in exactly the correct position. I contacted HP. Initially they blamed me and said it's because of connecting and disconnecting it. I argued that I have only had it a week and since I was using the approved equipment in the correct manner it could not be due to physical damage due to me. I am not obligated to purchase a touchstone and this is the only other way to recharge and transfer files. They then gave me the three options for repair. However I am moving overseas next week and will not be returning. I asked him I could lodge the repair in the new country (where HP has a presence) but he said the the warranty only covers US. however I looked at the warranty and it doesn't explicitly states that it is only a local warranty (to the best of my knowledge). He said I could do the advance option where they send you a replacement refurbished unit but there is no guarantee the I will get it in time as they are having issues, and frankly I don't want a refurbished unit. I have to make a decision today if I have any hope of receiving it in time.

    does anyone have any advice? Should I settle for the advanced repair where they send me a replacement unit (even if it might not come on time) or should I do the standard repair an
    d get someone to send it to me (which will also involve an additional cost for postage)?

    I am so annoyed. I really believe I treated it responsibly and it is just a lemon.
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    I had the same problem. It's a <<mod delete>> usb cable. Change out the usb cable and you probably won't have an issue. That cable they send with the charger is useless.
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    if you open a chat session with palm support, they will probably send you a replacement cable.
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    honestly I wouldn't even take their cable if it's the same one they sent with the TP. My ~$5 cable works just fine. Their cable with the little chrome thing on it is just bad. Maybe I just got a bad one, but once I replaced it with one I use for my phone. No problems at all.
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    Definitely try a new cable, I had a similar issue with my phone which uses the same USB cable. It seemed like there was something wrong with the phone but those two little tabs that are supposed to hold the connector in the phone had worn out and the cable was just sitting in the phone not secured. I actually had this happen to another USB cable after just a week of use so it can wear out that quick.
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    Just to update you - I followed your advice and decided to forgo getting it repaired and buying a new cable instead to try it out as it was too much of a rush before I left and it solved the problem! Many thanks everyone!

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