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  • Nope. I want the world to know I'm one of the few, the proud, the TouchPad owners.

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    I haven't. And the reason why is because I consider "Sent from my HP TouchPad" a badge of honor.

    No, not to rub in the faces of people who weren't able to snag one. But to say to the rest of the iPad and Android loving world, "Yeah, I'm here. What-up!"

    I'm proud to own a TouchPad. It's kinda like owning a rare, limited production automobile.

    So whether you're still rockin' your original TouchPad email signature, or you've moved on and don't even care to let anybody know, hit that poll and represent!
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    I still proudly sport the original signature, too - I'm glad that the media hype surrounding the firesale gave the TouchPad a bit of cachet in the public's eye, as opposed to it just seeming like obsolete trash.

    Hmm, maybe I should further play up the exclusivity...

    "Sent from my HP TouchPad - transcribed by my pet unicorn."

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    sent from my PalmPad
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    "Sent from my tricked-out TouchPad"
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    Honestly, I don't know what I would have done if I hadn't gotten a Touchpad. I seriously had Touchpad fever. I stayed up three days straight searching the list of 1000 online retailers, meticulously going to every site. Then I finally found one. The precious.

    Hard work pays off. And I LOVE my Touchpad.

    When I do Facebook status updates, it mentions palm, webos and from my hptouchpad. I love that.

    And I WILL be involved in the 2nd firesale.
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    No, I haven't. I figure if I don't want it, I can delete it from the email. I figure the "sent from my" is a good signal to the recipient that you aren't at your regular computer, and so they shouldn't expect regular computing things from you if they need them.

    I like the Facebook tag, though I've only seen the "posted from touchpad" tag once. My statuses are usually just "facebook via webos".
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    Considering the only people I regularly email are family, friends and work....of course I didn't change it! Am I supposed to be ashamed? Am I scared I'm going to be mocked? Do I really care about any other emails I send to recipients that don't fit inwith FF&W and what they think? No I don't (I like having it there, if for nothing else, my own amusement).

    on that note about Facebook, I did like the sent from my TouchPad. Shame they changed it.
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    I voted no, but the reality is, "sort of".

    I changed mine to "Sent via webOS mobile." for both my Touchpad and Pre.
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