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    So I just bought a 16gb TP, followed all the instructions and have it clocked st 1.5 and etc. My question is this:

    if I have access to a Pixi on sprint with the unlimited data plan, what would I need to do to get my TP tethered to the Pixi to get online when I'm not around any WiFi spot? And is it possible?

    Thanks in advance


    ** Or is there a cheap phone I can buy that can accomplish my goal?**
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    you'd need freetether on the pixi. as the pixi lacks wifi though, you'd have to tether via bluetooth, and I'm not sure that's possible.
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    Not sure how much you are willing to spend on a "cheap" phone but if you can pick up an Android phone from Virign or Boost (I think they both have unlimited data), root it, install wireless tether, you would then have a mobile hotspot. Works well with Sprint Android phones for sure, Virgin and Boost both use Sprint towers but no roaming unfortunately.
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    FYI, Virgin has an unlimited 3G deal on a mobile-hotspot-device (google Virgin MiFi) .. it's $150 for the device and $50/mo. There is a 4G version of the device either coming or already out for other carriers, too, I remember digging it up when I was looking at it a couple of months ago. "Virgin Mobile reserves the right, without notice, to temporarily limit throughput speeds when monthly data usage on the $50 Broadband2Go Plan exceeds 2.5GB." ..
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