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    Anyone had this happen to them?
    My touchpad doesn't display anything on the screen but everything else works.
    I can hear when I swipe a card away, and when I bring up the card view. And when I lower or raise the volume.
    The screen is lit but very very dimly when it's on.
    I've restarted numerous times by holding the power button and front button below the screen until the touchpad restarts.
    This hasn't helped.
    Any ideas?
    The video is bad but gives you a good idea what my issue is.
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    The data cable for the lcd screen might have come adrift, had that happen on a laptop before. If you can, I'd get HP to have a look at it for you.
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    Open KINDLE and confirm your brightness is not at minimum.
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    Interesting, I was using kindle when this happened.
    However I dont know how to navigate to kindle and raise the brightness without being able to see anything on the screen

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