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    When I put my TP into my TouchStone, it starts to charge. After a while it stops charging. The TouchPad is not fully charged. I do notice that the TP/TS is quite warm. If I take the TP off the TS and put it back on, it won't recognize it. If I unplug the power adapter from the wall and plug it back it, it will start charging again only to stop after about another hour. Is the TS supposed to work this way or is my TouchStone busted?
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    Doesn't sound normal to me. Mine seems to charge until done but to be honest I just set it on hit power to kill the clock then get it off the touchstone which is usually next morning or after work.

    Is this a new touchpad and touchstone? How hot is it in the room that your charging it in? Could be some kinda thermal protection possibly. Using the power adapter does the touchpad stop charging? Did you try both portrait and landscape mode with the touchstone?

    Is the touchpad in a case? If no case is back all nice and greasy from hand/finger prints?

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