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    Ok I have a little problem, I upgraded my browser by purchasing it from the catalog. No issues with it & it is much better then the default browser.

    I run a yelp like review site Tender Knob | The Bay Area's Review Site
    My issue is when I want to add images via my tablet TP there is a button named "BROWSE" but nothing happens when I press it.
    This does work from my droid phone but I would rather do it from my tablet.
    Could some one with a TP go to the site & just verify it is not just me.

    You will need to have the upgraded browser from the catalog because one cannot log in with the default which was my primary reason for purchasing it in the first place.

    Or does anyone know a work around for this issue.

    Much Thanks in advance.
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    PS PS
    Just click on any listing & select "add a photo" right below the business image center right.
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    found this thread when I was having similar problem with facebook website. I'm using the website not the app because I want to upload a photo to a facebook group and groups don't work in the app. But when I click the "select file" button, nothing happens. Just like the above issue. Did anyone find a solution?
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    It's unfortunately a drawback to webOS at the moment, and probably will be forever. I believe it's due to the lack of a native file browser. But yeah, basically the only way you can upload photos is through apps which access photos. None of those 'Browse' buttons will work on any site.
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    Sorted this by installing droid, sorry there is no solution in webos, firefox, dolphin & the native droid browser all have this functionality. A shame since I really enjoyed the webos.

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