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    So I currently have my TP @ 1.5 with a list of patches.

    The List:
    dd thubnav controls
    remove tap ripple
    Increase Touchpad Volume (lite)
    advanced reset options
    faster card animations hyper version
    increase touch sensitivity(THIS IS A MUST HAVE PATCH.)
    muffle system logging
    remove dropped packet logging
    unset cfq io scheduler
    unthrottle download manager
    private browsing

    Im overclocked using "Uberkernel".
    What else can I do for more performance?

    I TRIED to intall "warthog" but Preware says the "instructions I am using are out of date"/Plus i could never find FC15 Eagle...
    I used the instructions here.....
    [webOS] [GUIDE] Overclock the HP Touchpad to 1.9Ghz - xda-developers

    ALSO, I read that using "warthog" will cause problems if I have the "Unset cfq io scheduler" patch installed as well

    So basically my question is...
    1) If I want more "speed" should I go up to 1.7 or 1.9 GHZ....and has ANYONE had any negative effects?

    2) If I can safley increase the speed....what kernel is the best/easyist to install?

    3) Any other good patches am I missing?

    Thanks a million
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    Everything for overclocking past 1.5GHZ is found here:
    Testing Feeds - WebOS Internals

    That's all the information that anyone is allowed to pass on, by request of webOS Internals.

    Read it and read it again. If you follow everything exactly as presented, you shouldn't have any problems. Further inquiries should be made to webOS Internals directly in their Forum, here on this site.
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    Thanks for the replies...its seems overly complicated so I guess ill stick with 1.5ghz...
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    after i type it in Xecutah do i hit enter or just close the app?
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    Nevermind i got it really easy acutally took about 5 min.
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    Anybody know when 1.7 is going mainstream like the 1.5 through UberKernel or something similar? Is it close to exiting Beta?

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