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    This is a great thread.

    I bought a launchday touchpad 07/01.

    After the news broke about what HP was doing with the Touchpad I was heartbroken and took it back and got my $500 dollars back and bought an iPad 2.

    Bought a FS Touchpad for $99 and was planning on keeping both the iPad 2 and FS Touchpad, decided to take the iPad 2 back as I realized that 90% of what I do on a tablet is browse the web. The few apps that I need from the iPad 2 I can get from my robot phone.

    I liked the iPad 2 especially the hardware and the quality and quantity of apps but as stated by some others I just like the way the Touchpad works, the UI just makes alot of sense.

    It is hard for me to want to use anything else at this point.
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    Quote Originally Posted by passlogix View Post
    You probably like TP better because there's no iPad 8gig existed. I guess you meant iPad 16gig, hehe.
    you're probably right!!
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    I've got an iPad 2 (16gb, white) and I purchased a touchpad... But my iPad was free, so I'm not sure how willing I would have been to purchase a TP if I paid $500+ for it.

    Right now, the iPad is for games, the touchpad and Asus Transformer for everything else :-)

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