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    My TouchPad works with full functionality in the Netherlands !!

    Digging around Precentral to find out how to get full functionality on my new TouchPad (imported from the UK) in the Netherlands, one of the countries that did not quite make it to TouchPad release date due to cancellation of HP's webOS Hardware unit, took me quite some time ! To make it easy on similar owners in non-released countries, I thought I'd briefly list the steps you need to take to get EVERYTHING going, including the Kindle app, paid app catalog access, and registering your Netherlands (or other country)-based credit card:

    1. during intial TP setup, create a HP/Palm Profile (this is a temporary one, as you are going to create a second, your permanent one, later). Note that you will need to have separate email-addresses for each profile - you cannot change a profile country once created, you also cannot create two profiles on one email address - hence the two
    2. during initial TP setup choose US as your country (if you did not, and it is now on NETHERLANDS, no worries, just proceed with the next steps - we will fix that)
    3. as soon as everything is up and running, and you have discovered you have only free apps in your app catalog (Netherlands), or you cannot register a non-US credit card (USA), install PreWare (see homebrew section above) to be able to switch identities (and "home" countries)
    4. before you do anything with PreWare, remember you are now "officially" based in the USA, and that means you need to download the KINDLE APP first, at it is not available from any other region or country !!
    4. once that is done, from PreWare, install the "Impostah" app
    5. in Impostah, go to Activation, and change your email address to the one you have reserved for your second Palm Profile, change country to UK, France, or Germany (I chose UK, asthis will be the home of my paid app catalogue going forward), enter the password to use for your second Palm Profile, and hit create new profile - DONE !
    6. as you now go into the App Catalogue, you will be asked which is your "shopping country" (if you get an error, just close the app, restart the TP, and try again)
    7. select as shopping country THE COUNTRY YOUR CREDIT CARD IS BASED IN, a whole list is available now (that is different than when previously using your first - USA profile), I selected THE NETHERLANDS
    8. now try ordering a paid app from the UK catalog - fill in your credit card details after once again selecting your COUNTRY - buy app - DONE !

    You now have full access to your TouchPad, including Kindle, and the possibility to buy paid apps from the UK (or French, or German) app catalogue. YES !!!

    9. if you don't have the Kindle app at this point, because you forget to nab it from the USA app catalogue, or you went straight from Netherlands (wrong choice at install) to UK (best choice to get apps from), then you want to go back to step 5. Here you will need to create a third identity / HP Palm profile / home country (with third email address)set as USA, and that will once again be a temporary identity to grab Kindle. Once that is done, switch back to your main - UK - identity with Impostah.

    Good luck to all you poor, non-released country TouchPad lovers. It is truly an amazing machine, once you solve the configuration puzzle !! Hope this was useful !
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    doesn't work for me..just screwed up my us app catalog..
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    doesn't work for me either - here's what I'm trying (I keep updating as I go...)

    EDIT: Before doing a full reset (if at all) you need to create a second account with the appropriate country setting - this is key! I'm still learning and own mine only a week...

    My initial setup was for US - in hindsight a mistake as I don't care too much about kindle.
    Running webOS 3.0.4 and taking these steps:
    1. use Impostah to create another account (you may skip that step as you can also create a new account after the full reset)
    2. check on-line and verify the email with that account
    3. disable backup - hoping to get a clean slate
    4. do a full reset
    5. TP has restarted and I enter the initial startup info
    6. TP restarted
    7. launch HP App Catalog
    8. select shopping country (I selected UK) and click accept
    9. going to try and buy Preware Homebrew Documentation...
    10. success!
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    You can also select the German App Catalog. Works fine. Already paid for Advanced Browser in the German App Catalog.

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