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    Hi All,

    I have just got a new Touchpad and want to put some of my movies on it. I copied some .AVI files onto it yesterday and then found they aren't supported.

    My question is which of the following is the best way to get/view movies on the Touchpad:

    a) Buy an App (Like Kamelsoft) that supports more video formats
    b) Manually convert my video files into a supported format using a normal converter tool
    c) Use a converter tool optimised for the Touchpad display

    If converters are the best option which ones are considered the best?

    Thanks for any help
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    If you have money to spend, I'd go for kalemsoft media player. If you have time, you can manually convert it. I recommend using Handbrake to convert, there's a few topics here with optimal settings for the TP.
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    I use Any Video Converter, set on Custom can set the frame size and everything else manually.
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    Well for getting movies on your TP you can get upnp player to download the files from your network to your tp, save yourself from plugging it in. But I would pick up kalemsoft of 7$ its worth it. Its only 6$ from their site, with faster updates since they don't have to wait for HP to approve it. Also with kalemsoft you can stream from your PC as well. So you don't have to put all your files on your tp..

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