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    I wish the TP have the following 3 things that I used often and are available on Ipad2: Netflix app, the slingbox app and ability to connect to adhoc wifi. And no, I don't want to root the TP.
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    The flash is what does it for me, it's unbeatable. I love being able to go on Facebook and play The Sims Social, or Empires and Allies, you just have so much freedom.
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    Love mine too minus the crack which really pees me off.
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    I love my touch pad also. But I have very rose colored glasses and don't mind hte poor PDF support. THe Amazing flash performance blows everyone away. there's no video this won't play! Except Hulu... and Netflix... boo hiss!!

    But I wouldn't trade it for my iPad that i sold to my sister!

    And using it with my Pre 3 is just flat out fun! I'll swap websites via tap to share just for the hell of it.

    I love my touchpad too!
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    Quote Originally Posted by OldSkoolVWLover View Post
    I love this thread!
    The thing I want the most is 2.2 for Veers and Pre2s.
    yes....2.2 for my pre2
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