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    I'm making this thread because over the last few days I've had a massive spike in power consumption (sitting idle with just govnah open I was running-750mA to 1200mA with uberkernel 1.5ghz preset), but while it seemed to settle down after leaving it off for a few hours, I'd like to know what normal range I should be looking for and why that major spike over the last couple days may have happened. I was using the brightness st about 25% w with airplane mode on for reference getting some of the higher end of that spectrum. Since it's settled down, with 192mhz idle of 1 core, I burn b/t 550mA and 650mA and it spikes easily to the 750-950mA range when one core hits load of 1.512ghz (this is normal power consumption, not the crazy drain from the past 2 days). This may be normal, but I swear when I first got this thing it would idle closer to 400mA and load one core at around 600mA, but I could be recalling incorrect numbers.
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    Could anyone at least give me a read on what they get with just govnah open using uberkernel?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Infinite Jest View Post
    Could anyone at least give me a read on what they get with just govnah open using uberkernel?
    I get around -515mA to -550mA on UberKernal 1512 ondemandtcl with a brightness of maybe 10% (directly under the Y in battery) with just Govnah open and maximized with one core at 192mhz and the other at 0mhz.

    When the screen dims after 30 seconds or whatever from no activity it drops below 500mA.

    EDIT: That's with WiFi on and BT off with the common preware patches.
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    650mA with my screen at 50%.
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    Alright thanks guys. Looks like I'm in the normal range when my TP decides not to pull 1000mA for no reason. I ran the battery monitor and oddly enough get a lower average mAh watching flash vids than browsing(about 700 mA average browsing and 650mA average watching a movie on crackle). Go figure.

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