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    I sent my TP in for repairs last week. For some reason the guy at the UPS store never scanned the package. As a result, the whole week I'm trying to figure out what happened. I rec'd a call this morning no luck. An hour later rec'd another call. The guy remember receiving the package but he told the UPS rep he shipped it back to sender. Whatever that means since it was a pre-print label from HP. The UPS rep said she will continue to track the package. After 30mins and deciding I was going to tell HP what happened, I entered my tracking number one last time into Baamm! My TP is in Kentucky and is in transit to arrive at destination next business day. Somehow the TP managed not to get scanned in the entire state of california but was lucky enough to processed in Kentucky. Weird stuff.
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    nah not really. Happens all the time. You're talking about 14,000 packages on average a night that has to be scanned and missing one is possible and happens. Glad it finally got scanned and tracked now.

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