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    I received my Touchpad last week and have been experimenting with it over the weekend, and I've found a couple of annoying things about the web browsing experience. First of all, when scrolling up and down a webpage, I also get a lot of sliding right and left when I'm zoomed out and the whole page is filling the screen. It slides around like an egg on a nonstick skillet. My iPad stays locked to strictly up and own scrolling and I prefer that to all of this sliding right and left sloppiness.

    Also, when beginning to type a new entry in a forum, the first letter of a sentence is not automatically capitalized. I have Auto Capitalization turned on, but it doesn't work it seems.

    anyone know of any fixes or patches for these nitpicky things that bug me? (by the way, the first letter of that last sentence was not capitalized as an example)
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    Also, there's no indicator on the right hand side of the page to show you how far up or down you are on the page. Plus, having to scroll, scroll, scroll from the very bottom of a page back to the top gets old. Love how the iPad lets me tap at the top of the screen to get back to the top of any webpage quickly.

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