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    Hi all,

    I'm about to restore my TP using WebOS Doctor because I want to start clean. The reason I want do it is because my TP auto full erased itself without giving me an option to stop or cancel it. I want to make sure that none of the patches that I installed before is causing this and I will keep track on what I install from now on. I already posted a thread about that here:

    Anyway, after hearing a few people having issues being stuck at 8% and/or 12% and I just to make sure that I will do this the right way.

    Just to be sure that everything is clean, I pulled out one of my spare Hard drives and reformatted it. I put in Windows 7 32-bit (Pro). I installed all the updated drivers, java, firefox/chrome and that's it!

    I'm planning to follow this guide: How To Recover - WebOS Internals

    I'm just wondering if I installed all the drivers that are needed before I begin? BTW, what is novacom? Because those few people who had issues was suggested to install this universal installer: Downloads - universal-novacom-installer - Universal Novacom Installer - Google Project Hosting

    Should I install that too before starting the restore?

    Or did I miss anything important?


    EDIT: Or is Windows XP/Linux/OSX better? I have all OSes available.
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    The first instructions according to the webosinternals about running java in the terminal right .. so my first step would be?

    1) cd \tothejavafolder


    2) java -jar webosdoctorp302hstnhwifi.jnlp

    does the "webosdoctorp302hstnhwifi.jnlp" file include all the drivers for the touchpad?

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