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    So I want my touchpad to receive emails via Push. I want to get it as it comes. So i set get email to as it arrives, but i dont dont get notifications. whe ni switch it to every 5 minutes i get email notifications. my questipon is does "as it arrives" mean manual fetch? or is is supposed to be a push notification but im not sure how to get it to work
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    Traditional email systems like POP and IMAP were not designed with "push" email in mind, so they don't support it. The TouchPad email app retrieves new email from the Inbox folder of every active account at the interval you set (default = 15 minutes), or when you switch to a different folder (like All Mail) in the email app. You get a notification if there is new email in any of the Inbox folders. If you want faster notification, you can cut the checking period to 5 minutes on you most active account.
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    All of my IMAP accounts are set to "as arrives" since IMAP can (kind of) push and it works very well.
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    All mine are set to as arrives and I get the notification at the top. Mine checks 3 or 4 gmail accounts.
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    I have 3 Gmail accounts. i tried sending myself test emails and none of them come as it arrives. I'll try again later today

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