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    Hey all,

    Was wondering if anyone knew how to get openssh running with a password instead of a key? I've looked at here ( but I can't get sshd to start. Perhaps my files are all screwed up now?

    Are there any comprehensive guides?

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    edit /opt/etc/openssh/mobi.optware.openssh:

    exec /opt/sbin/sshd -D -p 22 -o "PasswordAuthentication yes"
    exec /opt/sbin/sshd -D -p 22 -o "PasswordAuthentication no" .......


    #passwd root( set root's passwrod)
    #stop mobi.optware.openssh
    #start mobi.optware.openssh

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    mobi.optware.sshd isn't in /optware/etc/openssh, it's in /var/palm/event.d

    When I run it outside of that folder, it doesn't recognize it. When I try to start it inside the folder, I get a "mobo.optware.openssh pre-start process terminated with status 2" error.

    Any suggestions? Thanks!
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    I have the same problem with error status 2

    Thanks for your help!
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    Anyone have any more ideas on how to get this to work?

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    Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!
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    Still could use some help with this.
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    Is this possible?
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    I got it working using a non-root login account using the steps outlined above
    (which come from the "Enabling non-root Password logins via SSH using the command line " section of Application:OpenSSH - WebOS Internals ).
    I don't think it'll ever let you login as root directly using a password.

    I simply created a non-root user with adduser command and was able to login
    with that user's credentials and then su to root.

    The problem I had was that openssh wouldn't start itself after a reboot
    but had to be started manually, which made it fairly worthless.

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    I know this is an old thread, so I post here only for the record.

    The file /var/palm/event.d/mobi.optware.openssh contains the line:
    exec /opt/sbin/sshd -D -p 22 -o "PasswordAuthentication no" -o "PermitRootLogin without-password"

    If you want root login and password authentication, you have to change two things:
    exec /opt/sbin/sshd -D -p 22 -o "PasswordAuthentication yes" -o "PermitRootLogin yes"

    So PasswordAuthentication yes and PermitRootLogin yes

    And btw. if running trough wterm, then my Pre3 doesn't set up PATH properly. Namely /sbin is missing from the PATH, so I couldn't start services without specifying full path like /sbin/start

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