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    newb here! When not in use overnight is best to leave in standby or complete shutdown?
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    Whatever floats your boat, I leave mine on standby on its touchstone at night. My 28 month old Pre has sitting on standby on its touchstone every night with no ill effects. I leave my TouchPad on standby too.
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    Get a touchstone, leave it on standby.
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    I shut it down, just works best for me. Then I throw it on the Touchstone in the morning which powers it back on.
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    I usually charge mine over night, but unplug it during the day since when I first got it we had been having lots of power surges/thunderstorms. I normally leave it on at home on my work days, battery only drops 3% and I'm gone 12 hrs or so. I don't have a touchstone yet, if I did, I'd leave it on that.
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    I just leave it on standby, had 67% battery the night before, had 66% battery in the morning! running uberkernal 1.5on demand
    my touchpad sometimes freezes, but only for the first day or so after turning it on (think overclocking has helped a lot) so i dont like to turn it off

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