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    So I orderd my HP Touchpad from another member on another site. It was opened and turned on. Supposedly plastic and everything is still on it. We will find out tomorrow. lol
    But I was wondering, how does HP handel RMA's? Do I need the reciept or just a valid serial number?

    Thanks so much! Just wondered how everything will work if I ever have any issues!
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    You should just need a valid serial number. That's all they needed for my warranty on a TP bought from Walmart.

    The same has applied for the past two HP laptops I've had as well. I've bought the laptops from "the worst store ever" and hhgregg, and then bought the warranty through HP, only needing the serials to register.

    The only problem I had was when I went to have warranty work done on the "worst store" laptop, somehow the warranty hadn't linked, so I had to have them link it. If support ever asks for an "otch", they mean 'H', not ought/0.

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