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    I've only had my TP for a couple of weeks, and for the most part I like it a lot. I'm impressed by some of the good features of WebOS and the TP apps. I've bought some additional apps, and I'm certainly willing to give WebOS a chance, even if an alternative like an Android port becomes available.

    But there are a few small things that really make me wonder what the WebOS designers were thinking. I'm not talking about any big things like performance, overall design, or missing apps that are much needed. These are small peeves that I think should have been recognized and rectified early in the design.

    1. Available/Busy/Offline status setting.

    Integrating all the messaging and phone services into Synergy has its pros and cons. But the fact that you can't set the Available/Busy/Offline status separately for integrated services like Skype is really exasperating. I don't mind messages appearing on my TP while I'm at work, but I don't want people constantly calling me on Skype because they see that I'm Available. I have to keep remembering to launch the Messaging app and change my global status back and forth manually, which takes forever to complete because it has to go and make the change through every linked service. Didn't the WebOS developers ever use Skype? Or did they never get any work done because they were chatting with unexpected callers on Skype all the time in the office?

    2. Multi-language spell checking

    Ok, so you can define multiple keyboard/language sets and have the extra language-switching key appear on the keyboard. Great, but did it ever occur to the developers that there are languages other than the 5 supported? For those languages there's no quick way to temporarily turn off the English spell checking when you're typing a non-English message. You have to go to the Settings panel and turn it off. All they would have to do is let you define a secondary keyboard/language set with spell checking = none. But unfortunately that's not an option.

    3. Just Type doesn't search for local media files

    One of the major categories of content on my TouchPad is media files, particularly my music collection. But somebody decided that Just Type should search only messages and the web, not local content. Does that make any sense to anybody?

    That's my personal list of petty problems. I guess they will probably never be fixed now. But maybe when the ex-WebOS development team tackles son-of-WebOS at some other company in the future, they could remember these things?
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    ^go and have a live chat with them im sure they would hear you out. I did when i was ****ed Proxies aren't supported. They hit me the generic will forward to respective teams and expect it in future updates

    BTW i didnt notice but i went on palm's site for the live chat but there is also live chat builtin the touchpad for help/assistance in the Help section in settings. Pretty cool!

    but i side with you on 1) and 3)

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