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    Is it just me or does copy and paste seem to suck on the touchpad. I would say next the occasional system lag, this is the second biggest problem I have (especially if you use the feature as much as I do). I searched the site and the only info that I could find for touchpad on the subject was the link below.

    Highlight and Copy/Paste Text [webOS 3.0] | The #1 HP webOS, TouchPad, Pre, and Veer Community |

    The thing that struck me as odd is the inconsistency with which 'Edit' is incorporated into each app and menu. Its wierd/crazy that Edit seems to be missing from the two apps that could benefit the most... Browser (it appears the Pre may have had the functionality ) and Email. If I had the skills I would have created a preware patch to add edit to both menus, since I do not I hope someone will take this task on.
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    I have trouble copying and pasting links into the browser's blank URL box. It often takes several attempts to even bring up the copy dialog box. Pasting is more frustrating because once I get the "paste" box to open, it disappears when I move my finger to hit it. I found that if while it is open, I use my other finger to hit the enter button on the typewriter it locks it in place so I can then select the elusive paste button.
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    just remember that the select/copy/paste choices won't appear in a browser text field unless the keyboard is visible. Tap once for that, then tap/hold for a moment to get the options to appear. HP was trying to imitate apple, and I wish they had also left the edit menus active.
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    I would love to have an edit menu rather than the long-press actions we have now. It's especially frustrating in Advanced Browser where long-presses are used for the context menu on links. It ****es me off so much when I try to bring up the context menu for a link and the copy action starts instead, which ends up clicking the link.

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