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    How can I remove ubuntu? I don't really find it useful since I'm not very good with linux and probably don't really need those apps. How can I remove it and get my space back? I followed this, but I'm stuck at the meta-doctor step from gadgetXplorer: #webOS: How to remove EXT3FS partition
    What commands am I suppose to type?

    I've got a 32 gb, and I partitioned 8 gb by following this guide: How To Install Ubuntu On Your HP Touchpad | TechwareLabs . And now I only have 17 gigs.
    What am I suppose to do there to wipe everything back to factory condition? and How do I remove the penguin during the start up?
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    Maybe if you post a question in the forums of the site where you learned how to install Ubuntu, you will get a response on how to uninstall it......... ;-)

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