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    Had a corrupted /var partition making impossible to open most apps that used it, and apps that used their indexing service (aka the music and video app shows nothing) and basically tried to doctor it, now though i cant login into my palm profile saying "We are unable to sign you in" message, this was 2/3 hours ago and its still happening now. I really dont want to deal with HP CS as i already have had experience with them with another tablet (win convertible tablet) but someone mentioned that there was a way to do a full wipe by using a button combo, does anyone know that combo?

    (while i do care about the data that i have on the touchpad, right now i just want my TP working...)

    PS: cant use doctor anymore, unless someone had novacomm drivers that work with the touchpad on Powerpc linux (debian ppc64 specifically), i would be forever great-full...
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