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    1. Faster Browser
    2. Zinio
    3. Sonos

    only things im missing at the moment

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    1. A Pre 3
    2. A Pre 3
    3. A Pre 3 ...oh...did I mention a Pre 3?? LOL

    Other than that I agree a faster browser, preferably Opera.
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    3)Netflix and Pre3
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    hard to limit it to just 3 things
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    While this wouldn't complete the experience, a better browser would go a huge way toward improving my experience with the TouchPad.
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    1) Apps (Browser, ereader, video player with hw acceleration)
    2) Crack free plastic
    3) Optimize and kill bugs in the OS (eg. losing sound daily)
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    1. A new phone with infrastructure WiFi.
    2. Google apps - gmail, maps, etc
    3. Dual boot android
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    Quote Originally Posted by 65fastback View Post
    1. Faster Browser
    2. Zinio
    3. Sonos

    only things im missing at the moment
    1. Hdmi

    2. Print drivers for all WiFi printers

    3. RDP client
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    1. A case that doesn't crack and creak
    2. Netflix
    3. The 16GB AT&T Pre3 I have to wait till next week to arrive.

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    1) Opera mobile
    2) Opera mobile
    3) A TP without mfg defects...
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    1)VNC client
    2)Sync contacts/notes/calendar w/ iPhone 4/5
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    1. A hand writing / recognition notebook *app
    2. A better Office productivity app (fingers crossed SmartOffice does the trick)
    3. Evernote optimised for TP

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    1) Netflix
    2) US Pre3
    3) App trials

    On Andriod you have a short period after buying an app to try it. You can then "return" it if it isn't right for you.
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    1) Kalemsoft with subtitle support
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    1. better browser
    2. better pdf reader
    3. better video player
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    I only need one... Downloading from secure sites like my school's blackboard.. then it would be perfect

    I cant stress how annoying it is not to be able to do homework or access files with the touchpad.
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    1). Powered USB.
    2). Min 5 more operative functions on BT Wireless Keyboard.
    3). 3/4G connectivity.

    'Andoid's coming.. so I won't include that!

    3a). A Copy/Paste system in 'Quickoffice' that actually works.. which probably also means giving an optional 'OFF' for the Virtual keyboard, which also keeps jumping onto the screen at the slightest whim/touch!

    Infuriatingly stupid!
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    Better browser
    Android apps.
  19. cgk
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    1) A PDF reader that doesn't blow
    2) A browser that feels like it was designed in 2011
    3) document editing software that is fit for purpose.
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    Precentral is running contest to show (pic/video) what you think about WebOS, which will be sent to new HP CEO and lucky winner will get 32GB TP. This is good place to steal ideas.
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