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    Today, I've carried my touchpad in a original hp case, which is inside a simple pouch. (Shown in the first picture) Whenever I took it out of the pouch and flipped open the side cover, I would briefly notice a circle on the screen that would then vanish. It seemed like a circle formed when pushing hard on a screen. (Shown in second picture) This happened about 4 times until one time when I took it out, I saw the circle, but it didn't go away. I waited to see if it would vanish, but it stayed. Now when I am using it, it is greatly noticeable. I am going to call HP up soon to see what they'll do. I don't get how the circle formed though, it seems like something is pushing on the screen. Is there anything I can do, and have you ever heard of this situation before? Thanks.

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    Edit: Could this be a cause from heat? Because it probably couldn't breathe in that pouch.
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    ...have you ever heard of this situation before?
    Screen 'Ring' after going through airport security ??
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    Yeah, I came across that thread. There weren't any pictures, so I couldn't tell if that was the same issue.
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    the last time I got that was when I push against the surface too hard. It is a hardware issue not software. Probably cause by the underside of the glass touch the LCD panel .
    mine just went away by itself but if it doesn't go away, try to shake it or else send back for repair
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    Yes, that was my post. Yes, that looks very like the issue I had. Interesting that the suggestion is that it may be caused by pressure. Mine was in a very snug neoprene case and was in my backpack. It is very possible I pushed on the screen to fit it in the backpack.

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