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    hi, the puppy has chewed the charger cable for my Mrs' touchpad and I was wondering how easy it is to replace. Is the cable standard micro USB and its the plug adapter that causes it to draw more power than say phone chargers or is the cable different too? The wall plug adapter is fine for it so if I can use another cable to charge then I'm fine. If not I'm guessing will be a pain to replace.
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    You don't have to replace the cord. I just tried my Pre 2 cord to charge the Touchpad and it worked just the same. You just have to have the Touchpad plug adapter, so you're all good.
    Puppies are hell on wires, I know all about that.
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    The cable is a standard USB/microUSB cable, you can buy them at any electronics store. You are correct that it is the barrel that is the important piece.

    You can also use any microUSB charger, like the one that came with your phone, except that it will charge more slowly, or possibly just prevent the battery from draining if it's in heavy use. You can ignore the warning about not charging.

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