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    Hi, I just brought my HP Touchpad home that I "won" from The Source here in Toronto. Won it in that I had to pay $99 for it but due to that I now have one and am excited about getting it up but as a recent convert 2 years ago to Apple, from Windows, this is a system I am unfamiliar with.

    So I have turned it on and right away its asking me to sign up for a new HP webOS Account which is fine but after typing in my name and what i assume will be the beginning of my email address, it doesn't offer me any hints for the address after the @ part so I am told repeatedly to enter a valid e-mail address.

    Any idea how I will do this please?
    If I can get past this part, I an then take a good look at it .

    I looked at the thread about setting these up but it didn't seem to focus on the address part but on everything else beyond it but i gather i must get this part set up in order to access HP info, app store etc??!!

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    Put your email address in there.
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    Ah, thank you.
    I misunderstood and thought i had to sign up for a specific HP email account of some sort.
    Got it.

    Thank you
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    Can you tell me how can order another charger/usb cord?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fmoore 10 View Post
    Can you tell me how can order another charger/usb cord?
    Simply Google "HP Touchpad charging cord" and you will find them. Here's one:
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    Way to revive a dead thread
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