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    When I put my touchpad in landscape mode with the power button up and to the left (an orientation that my case is designed to utilize for landscape viewing) I find a spot (right at the "b" key when the on-screen keyboard is up) that is unresponsive to touch a lot of the time, but not always. This 'touchiness' also translates to the app launcher in that same spot. Sometimes a quick rotation of the screen and back clears this. What I am wondering is whether this is an innate problem with my Touchpad, or I have brought it about with the Preware patches that I have installed on my device?

    Anyone else having this problem? Is there a patch/fix for this? Or do I have a potential hardware issue?

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    Go to Settings , Device info, and select the diagnostics from the top left.
    There you can check out the Touch Sensors to rule out a hardware problem.

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