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    Hi everyone. I am new to TouchPad.

    I currently own a MacBook Pro, Android 2.2 Tablet, and BlackBerry 9900. I have owned two IPod Touch, including their latest model.

    Why do I tell you this? Because I feel I have a good understanding of the platforms. My biggest weakness is BlackBerry QNX... where I have no experience.

    My opinions might not be right, but again I feel I'm coming from a neutral place.

    I have the latest OS on my TouchPad, applied the recommended patches, and overclocked to 1.5.

    My review of the Touchpad in bits;

    WebOs is beautiful... by far the nicest. Better than IOS, better than Android. I don't see how anyone could argue otherwise. I really-really hope HP finds a buyer or doesn't give up on this OS.

    I'm not a big fan of the piano black casing of the TouchPad, but the Touchstone charger is one killer accessory! Probably the best accessory available for any tablet.

    I have not found any physical defects with my TouchPad. Upon opening, I've put it into the HP rubberized case... then I cut the cover off. So basically my TouchPad has a back on it with an exposed side for the Touchstone.

    The USA Today app on the TouchPad is really nice. So is Glympse and SportsLive! HD. I'm beginning to explore the apps available. I'm not a HUGE app guy... I like the basics... no need for a fart app.

    The screen is nice, bright. It could be sharper... but it's good.

    The web browser is "good"... a tad better than expected reading this forum. It's not quite as fast as I'd like, but it does a really good job rendering web pages like a PC/Mac would. Much better than Apple (lacking flash) and Android... but it is slower compared to those two. This is an area I hope gets attention with the next update.

    Nobody beats Apple in the overall polish of the OS, and the TouchPad doesn't either. But, mine has been stable, probably a tad better than my Android tablet (although I've got a custom ROM on my Android tablet).

    I think this tablet has the best external speakers out there. Nice job with the Beats Audio.

    There is an occasional "stutter" when swiping. Nothing bad... and it's better after the OS update and patches. But... this is another example of some polishing that could be done on the next OS update.

    I primarily have been using my TouchPad for browsing, facebook, twitter, and news while watching TV - and football on Sundays. The size is perfect for that. It's not as big and bulky as I was expecting reading the reviews. But; Apple's Ipad 2 and Samsung's Galaxy 10.1 are thinner and lighter - no doubt.

    The mail app is nice. I seem to think I've read of problems... but I've found no problems integrating my gmail.

    Synergy is cool... and caught me off guard. All my web pictures are on the device.

    I've been around tech forums long enough to know people come here with problems looking for help. It can scare a person into thinking there are lots of problems with products. It happens with EVERY forum. But, maybe even I got duped into thinking the HP TouchPad was a sub par device reading all the reviews and this forum prior to the arrival of my device.

    In summary; it's a pretty good tablet. Better than the reviews (after the upgrades). Now that HP has discontinued it, the future is a little cloudy... but they've got a unique product with some superior capabilities as I absolutely love WebOS.

    Now that I've created my profile I plan to participate some around here.


    and...Go Rams!
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    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, I enjoyed reading that. Also, welcome to PC.
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    Welcome to P|C!! It can come off as quite negative at times, but there are some REALLY helpful people around here. Enjoy!
    The value of knowledge is not in its possession, but in its use.
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    nice review. As a mac/ipad person i agree with your comments
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    Thanks & welcome. Consider trying the Advanced Browser App. It may be $1.99 or something, though--I had a $50 credit from HP/Palm. It is better, IMO, than the standard browser and the developer listens to feedback & makes some improvements.

    As you said the Touchstone is great. It would have been perfect if they made it so you could remove the wire for plug in so that when you desired, you could also just use it as a portable stand at times. The phone touchstone allows for this.

    Also, the phone OS had more swipes. They decided not to use all of them in the TouchPad OS and they have been missed by most of us Pre owners...

    Welcome again to the community!
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    I hearty welcome to this good and great community..
    I am new.. I hope you will have some good time here and will find some useful tips,suggestions and other value able information for yourself...!!!
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    yep.. that glossy black.. not sure what they were thinking there lol.
    its a fingerprint magnet :P

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