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    WHAT. THE. EFF. Seriously. This bs just happened on my touchpad randomly as I was sitting in class. It counted down, while NO BUTTON was pressed, and I even frantically started tapping the buttons, in case they were stuck. Nothing stopped it, and now I have a blank touchpad.

    My god, I now know why this tablet failed so hard. No more taking notes with this piece of junk. Back to my laptop.
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    My touchpad just erased itself after telling me it would do that after resetting. If I had to guess I'd say it was a glitch with the palm profile remote erase feature. I do have kindle side load installed but I have not used it in weeks.
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    I just had my TouchPad erase itself!! I had it in a backpack and when I pulled it out, it was already on the "full erase" screen and doing the countdown that everyone else described. Obviously it's POSSIBLE that multiple buttons were held down at the same time while it was in the backpack, and I may have had my BT keyboard paired and one to make it even worse.... but I actually wonder if it wasn't related to the situation covered on this thread...

    A few different users describe situations where they had their phone in their pocket and were using the "PIN" unlock method to secure it. Somehow, it seemed that movement triggered the unlock screen and entered junk data in enough times to have the phone reset itself thinking it was being hacked. I was using the PIN unlock method on my TP!!

    Anyone else had this happen, or can verify what happens if you enter the wrong PIN a few times?

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