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    CJ you just have to create your shortcut again and then delete the old one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gergev View Post
    Launching and updating might be two different things. I'd like to know if I changed the name of an app from the App Store, would this prevent the App Store from updating it?
    Ok so it works fine. I have an app called DrugDZ but I renamed it to Drugs & Diseases. In the app catalogue an update showed for DrugDZ so I updated it. After the update I could still launch the app and the renamed name stayed the same. So all works very well and no need to worry. :-)
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    Did you reboot yet???

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    I did a device restart just for you sketch42 ;-)

    It did reset the title name back to the original but the main thing is the app store recognised the app needed an update and updated it successfully.

    I believe the app store checks the 'id' and the 'version number' in the appinfo.json file and not the 'title'.

    So to sum up this tweak...

    It is safe to rename your apps as mentioned in the opening post. Even after you reboot once you have made a change, the new name still sticks. The app store WILL recognise and WILL update a renamed app. The only slight inconvenience is after a reboot of an UPDATED app, the app name will revert to the original. This means you would have to rename the app again. Not a major issue and not an issue at all if you don't need to device restart your TP.

    So there you go. If you want to rename an app or two, you now know how.
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    This is awesome, thanks OP!
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    I was looking for a way to change the app icon labels (inspired by the hanging 'e' on the devmode icon) and this is what I did:

    1. In internalz, open the info window for the appinfo.json file for the app you want to relabel

    2. Change appinfo.json to appinfo.conf, confirm change and go back

    3. Open the appinfo.conf file

    4. Change the label inside the quotation marks in the line labelled "title"

    5. Save the file and close.

    6. Change appinfo.conf back to appinfo.json

    7. Luna restart

    I am not a programmer, just hoping it doesn't mess up my apps.
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    <threads merged>

    I haven't heard of any ill results, as of yet.
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